Vision Design Projects introduce the innovative Glas Marte Glass Railing System 2017-08-31T19:32:02+00:00

Vision Design Projects introduce the innovative Glas Marte Glass Railing System

Leading Structural and Architectural Glass Trade Contractor Vision Design Projects Ltd are delighted to announce the addition of Glas Marte (GM) Glass Railing system to their range. The innovative modular system resolves many historic glass railing design issues and takes the tolerance control and the final installed visual lines to previously aspirational levels.

The GM Glass Railing system offers flexible design solutions via nine fixing profile solutions (each of which can be adapted further to suit specific conditions), and the assurance that testing has been carried out in compliance with the (ABP) TRAV General Test Certificate.

Glass and the metal profiles are bonded into one unit in a factory environment, under constantly defined conditions and controls, with a sophisticated quality management system. Then delivered to site as a finished section of glass and base channel. This reduces planning costs, assembly costs and offers a multitude of demonstrable gains at each stage, through to site installation.

Vision Design Projects Ltd are the UK’s exclusive provider of Glas Marte (GM) glass systems. The GM Railing system is the first of several GM products to be introduced by Vision Design Projects in 2016.

Scott Swarbrick of Vision Design Projects comments:

‘We’re genuinely excited to be adding the Glas Marte Glass Railing system to our portfolio, it’s a truly stunning solution. It’s innovative, ingeniously simple, the quality and detail are unrivalled. Once installed it offers a frameless glass railing solution with the clean, minimalistic aesthetic that designers strive for. We’re confident this is the future of glass balustrade’

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