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Winter Garden Balcony Glazing Systems

Transform outside spaces with the elegant Glas Marte Winter Garden Balcony Glazing System. Exclusively distributed to the UK by Vision Design Projects, the Winter Garden transforms cold, windswept balcony areas into a warm, welcoming environment.

Winter Gardens maximise light in balcony areas with floor-to-ceiling fixed glazing panels, providing a panoramic and unhindered view from the balcony. With the correct specification, the system meets guarding requirements without the need for balustrading.

The system complies with UK Building Regulations – BS6206, BS6262 (glass) or BSEN14449 (laminated), BS6399 Part 1 barrier loadings, and BS6399 Part 2 wind-loadings.

As well as stunning aesthetic design qualities the Winter Garden systems bring to a building, it also benefits the homeowner with increased acoustic benefits. Both the balcony area and internal areas of a building will benefit from reduced external noises e.g. traffic.

Other functional benefits for the system include protection to the primary or existing structure of the building. The glass façade provides a buffer zone and protects the existing structure from the elements and other factors.

  • Innovative, modular and offers flexible design solutions
  • Floor-to-ceiling glazed structures maximise light and provide panoramic views
  • Complies with UK Building Regulations
  • Increased acoustic benefits – reduce external noises
  • Protect existing building structure with glazed facade

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