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Structural Silicone Bonding

Vision Design Projects are 2 Part Structural Silicone Bonding contractors. A service that offers a frameless installation, which unlocks the aesthetic potential of glass, free from the clutter of mechanical fixings.

Structural Bonding installations withstand live loads as well as dead loads, and provide unsurpassed weather and UV resistance. Our high strength, high performance silicone sealants, provide complete assurance of the quality of our work and all projects are carried out to the most exacting of standards and testing regimes.

  • Create a stunning, frameless glass look, free from the clutter of mechanical fixings
  • High strength, high performance
  • Withstands live and dead loads
  • Unsurpassed weather and UV resistance
  • All work carried out to strict standards and testing regimes
Heathrow Airport, Nokia Towers
Structural silicone bonding
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