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London Bridge

Scenic Lift Glazing

In the late summer of 2015, Vision Design Projects were awarded two significant glass packages at the London Bridge Station expansion & refurbishment project.

Each separate package was secured in partnership with our two biggest clients.

Initially we were commissioned to design & evaluate the glazing to 9nr Scenic Lift Shafts. From an architectural design that was fully framed with aluminium extrusions, we developed a fixing free glass alternative using our Sika 2 part structural silicone.

The glass was sourced from a key supplier in Europe to ensure the production quality we needed on large panels that were bonded in place.

In addition we secured the supply & installation of the glass for the balustrade to the 15 platforms. Sourced from the same glass supplier and in tandem with the lift glazing, we have successfully delivered Phase one of the project, totalling 6nr Lift Shafts and 9nr Platforms. All installation at night and in challenging access conditions.

The results are a stunning seamless arrangement that was delivered snag free to the client.

Glass21.5mm toughened and laminated
StandardsInstalled to BS6180 & Glass Industry Best Practice Guidelines